Best Places to Go Camping Around the World

Heat is about to rise gradually with the sun coming up to brighten the day. As summer hits, the temperature within every travel freak shoots up to pack their bags and get on board. Wanderlust is a fire that can never be mitigated with the blankets of schedules or practical obstacles. Traveling the world is a concept perceived by many people as boarding a flight to a faraway place, driving through the cities, and slumping into the comfy beds of a luxury hotel victory 996. Although that concept deserves no disapproval, there are surely better ideas to travel the world. Camping is indeed one of the best ways to explore the corners of the planet. People who love camping have different methods of taking the trip to their level of enjoyment. Here is a list of the best camping spots in the world that every camper would love to visit,

1.      Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

Located in California, Yosemite National Park is not the place for casual tourists who prefer to drive through and leave. Wilderness is all that you will find here, with no electricity or lofty buildings to provide for your modern-day basic needs. Nature calls every camp freak to imbibe the beauty that this park holds. The Glacier Point is the summit from where you can have a glimpse of the Yosemite Valley, Yosemite Falls, and the Half Dome. Black bears have made the Yosemite Park their favorite habitat. Staying safe in this environment is important, especially when you sleep with the sky as the ceiling.

2.      Boya Lake Provincial Park

The pristine and crystal clear lake in the Boya Provincial Park is the feature that makes this park a renowned one. This park in Canada is the perfect spot for all those who wish to swim in naturally warm water in the North or indulge in other water recreational activities. The area also houses many other lakes and islands that can be explored when hiking through the park.

3.      Miyajima

Japan is the home to this island that has been bespoke for campers. Just a boat ride away from the famous city of Hiroshima, Miyajima is a beautiful seclusion that lets you enjoy your solitude by allowing you to rent a cabin for an extended period or to pitch your tents throughout the year. The island also exudes an air of interesting cultures and ancient art with the temples that it has in store. Most people visit Miyajima for the experience with the domesticated deers that wander the island.


4.      The Isle Of Arran

Prehistoric artworks and culture enhance the natural beauty of the Isle of Arran that is contained within the vast seascapes and landscapes. The rugged hills and mountains make this spot in Scotland the perfect escape for campers to hike, kayak, and sail through joy.


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